Circling the World with Our Organic Beef Burgers

At OBE Organic, we not only produce the best prime organic beef. We also produce other value-added organic beef products. We will have a look at one of them in this article – organic beef burgers. Like our organic beef, our delicious organic beef burgers are enjoyed locally by many Australians & others around the world. You will even find our organic burgers in the Friday morning ‘Ripe’ markets in Dubai!

Our organic beef burgers

Our beef burgers are produced from OBE organic grass fed meat, which is minced (or ground) and formed into a raw beef patty. In addition to being simply delicious; our organic beef burgers have the following qualities:OBE-Organic-burgers-on-grill-1000pix-JPEG7

  • They add variety and novelty to any menu and are genuinely organic.
  • Our organic beef burgers can provide you with a protein rich meal in just a few minutes.
  • They have absolutely no artificial colouring and definitely no preservatives. .
  • Our organic beef patty processing facility located in Brisbane, Australia is HACCP accredited.
  • The cattle from which our beef is produced are expertly raised by farmers who know just about everything there is to know about raising cattle for meat. Their farming methods are sustainable.
  • The environment in which our cattle grow and fatten is pristine. The cattle are allowed to roam freely on the pastures of the isolated Channel Country.
  • The cattle feed on their natural diet – grass – where a total of 250 species of edible native grasses and herbs thrive to nourish and fatten the cattle. The combination of these grasses and herbs, have produced a unique and sensational flavour.
  • All over this pristine pasturing environment, there is an absence of synthetic pesticides. This is due in part to the isolation of the region from urban development.

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