From Organic Beef Burgers to Meatballs

Like our organic beef and burgers, our organic meatballs are being enjoyed by families locally and in different parts of the world. To help you to learn more about our organic meatballs, here are a few interesting facts:

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  • To make transportation easier, our meatball products, like all our other organic meat products, are securely placed in bags during production. The bags are packed in appropriately sized boxes to maintain integrity during transportation.
  • Our meatballs are all certified organic. They are completely free of artificial colouring and preservatives.
  • Our organic meatballs are made from minced (ground) meat combined with organically grown onions, which are shaped into a round ball. Once reheated in a microwave or oven, they simply melt in your mouth!
  • Using our organic meatballs, you can have fun with all sorts of new menu creations! They can be reheated in a variety of ways and served with different accompaniments. Meatball subs and meatballs dipped in sauces are gaining popularity with diners.
  • The processing of food, especially meat, requires strict adherence to processing rules and regulations. Our processing facility in Brisbane, Australia, also processes our organic burgers for consumption locally and worldwide. We are proud that this processing centre is fully HACCP accredited.
  • OBE farmers practise sustainable and ethical farming. Our farmers are truly tuned in to maintaining the delicate balance between cattle and pasturing. They have been farming this way for generations.
  • There is nothing better than a farming method that blends in well with nature. We let nature take its natural course, in nourishing and fattening our herds of cattle from the native grasses and herbs that abound in our pristine pastures. The combined effects of grass and herbs produce the unmatched tasty flavour of our organic beef from which our organic meatballs are made.
  • To positively safeguard our organic livestock from harmful synthetic pesticides, our farms are certified organic.  The isolated distance from farms that practice modern agricultural methods is a plus in this direction.

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Whichever way you look at it, our organic meatballs are winners and we welcome the opportunity to share them with you. Want to become a customer of ours? If so, ring us now on +61 7 3623 2880 or email us at and you too can enjoy our mouth-watering meaty products.