Organic Beef – Taking the Food World by Storm!

OBE-Organic-beef-steak-on-the-grillTaking the Food World by Storm!

People may have heard about organic food before, but they are becoming increasingly interested in what really is ‘organic’ food. Nothing excites us more than to hear people discussing organic beef and to partake in a table where our OBE organic beef is being served. Whilst there is a good argument that organic food production has been around for generations, the term ‘organic food’ is fairly new. It has recently found niches in some of the richest countries of the world and it appears there is no stopping its spread. At OBE, we believe that we have been an agent for part of this phenomenon.

Why is organic beef enticing?

OBE Organic grass fed beef is prime beef that is produced from cattle that feed on the pristine pastures of the Australian outback, in an area known as the Channel Country. This is where our free -ranging cattle, which ultimately produce our organic beef, are bred, raised and fed on clean healthy grass. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used during the feeding and growing process and the resultant grass fed beef is also totally free of chemicals. Our beef is now found in the some of the richest countries of the world like the U.S. but it has also captured a market in the United Arab Emirates where people are very choosy about what they eat, especially beef. The UAE is the leading import destination for OBE Organic halal beef in the Middle East.


The benefits of organic beef

The devastating results of modern agriculture have caused a rethink of how agricultural land can be used on a more sustainable basis and minds have zeroed in on organic food production, including beef. A consideration, for a preference towards organic food like OBE Organic beef, is that it is free from harmful chemicals and therefore healthier for consumption. Cattle fed on grass like those at OBE Organic, produce beef that has superior taste. The meat and fat from grass-fed animals has a unique flavour.


The prevailing principle of all

Nature takes care of its own, by providing different types of food for every species on the planet. For cattle it is grass, which provides all the requirements the animal needs, for proper growth and robust health. Feeding animals with an alternate diet, may cause illness. Illness may require the application of antibiotics for recovery. This is not the case for OBE Organic livestock, which feed on grass and do not receive antibiotics.


So go for OBE organic beef!

Everyone is invited to savour the exquisite taste of prime, lean and succulent OBE Organic meat.  We raise grass-feed livestock, to provide you with grass fed beef.


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