Animal Welfare & OBE Organic Beef

Awareness is Key

Beef cattle that produce the prime grass fed beef produced by OBE Organic, are valuable assets in our supply chain. Without them, there would be no OBE Organic beef. It is of paramount importance that their welfare is our company’s top priority.

Animal welfare

In Australia, a wide ranging group of organisations have come together to protect the lives and welfare of animals including animals in the OBE Organic supply chain. They all have one purpose in common – to ensure that animals receive proper care & attention. In Australia, state and federal governments have put laws in place for protecting animal welfare.

The Animal Welfare Code

This is the code that specifically provides for the welfare of livestock. It acts as a guide for ensuring that proper care and management is accorded to livestock. It stresses that owners and people who manage cattle one way or the other have a responsibility for the health, welfare and proper treatment of cattle.

Processing must be Hygienic

The proper hygienic processing of cattle, is the first stage in the preparation of our organic grass fed beef, for boxing, chilling or freezing. OBE Organic ensures that our cattle are processed in certified organic abattoirs, that comply with AQIS Guidelines.  By following these guidelines, the processing facilities warrant that they not only meet their legal obligations, but also ensure the best practices possible are in place, to safeguard the interests of their customers.

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