WATCH our Video, ‘Nature’s Perfect Farm’ – Raising Cattle the way Nature Intended

OBE PastureImagine a farm with no fences, no tractors, where cows forage year round on organic native pastures and where cows grow and thrive under the natural care of their mothers. Imagine a farm where pesticide and herbicide use has never taken root. A farm where annual floods irritate the land with nourishing water and fertilize the soil with fresh nutrients. Imagine nature’s perfect farm; this is an OBE Organic farm.


Consumers around the world today want to know where their beef comes from and how it’s produced. Our customers routinely tell us that one of the reasons they select OBE Organic beef over others is because the beef we produce here in Australia is raised without chemicals. We are dedicated to producing only certified organic beef that our customers around the globe have grown to trust.


Take a closer look at our approach to raising cattle the way we believe nature intended by watching our short video called, “Nature’s Perfect Farm.”