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Born from a belief in natural goodness...

OBE Organic began over 20 years ago as Australia's first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef. Formed by a group of pastoral families, our company was founded on century old traditions - raising cattle exactly the way nature intended. No chemicals, no pollutants, no hormones, nothing, except a whole-hearted commitment to letting the most enriching natural forces and environment

produce the very best beef.

And a natural way of life...

We raise our cattle in the pure heartlands of Australia, where they freely roam across natural organic plains, with hardly any fences. They live a life free from all unnecessary human interference, feeding on over 250 species of seasonal native grasses and plants.

For optimal health benefits.

We raise our cattle this way because we believe the quality and nutritional value of beef is a direct product of the environment in which it's raised. You are what you eat, as the say. Cattle are organically nurtured to embody the very best of the land to make sure the beef you serve family and friends nourishes them in the very best way nature intended.

Staggering scale

The scale of OBE Organic’s free-range production operation is staggering: together, the families own over 6.5 million hectares of Australia’s best cattle grazing land (that’s 70,000 square kilometres or 27,000 square miles!).

A product that establishes itself and becomes popular all around the globe, has to have something special about it, that matters to consumers. For OBE Organic, that something is our stringent adherence to the best quality standards for our organic grass fed beef products.

Since our first product launched, in the 1990s, we have seen a growing demand for organic grass fed beef. We have, over time, increased the number of export markets, where our products are available. More and more consumers are making the change to consuming OBE organic grass fed beef. They are making quality and safety their number one priority, when buying food for their families.

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