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OBE Organic was founded as a premium organic meat exporter, and it is the high regard we’re held in around the world that drives our passion for perfection.

In it together

Organic beef grazing is a way of life, one that supports our families and communities. It’s a profession that believes in the wellbeing of our bodies and the environment too. And it’s a livelihood we believe in and wish to help sustain for future generations.

For a better future

We pay healthy organic premiums, charge no commission, and have a generous grid. Also, by becoming an OBE Organic supplier, you will be part of an internationally recognised, respected and trusted brand. We're not yet another multinational or big company in business to benefit ourselves; we are a farmer-owned business established to maximise returns to farmers and run on ethical, organic values. We have your true interests at heart. We share information, knowledge and training that help beef producers share skills, improve current practices and diversify when necessary to become more profitable in the long run. We have a significant track record of supporting and helping develop the organic industry nationwide. And we do all of this because we truly believe in securing a better future for all organic beef producers and the families and communities they support.

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