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The 8,000km lengths we take to help our family farmers.

Picture this.
You’re an organic cattle producer in Australia’s outback, running hundreds or thousands of free-roaming cattle across your property.
To maintain your organic certification, every year an independent auditor needs to inspect your property, livestock and farm records to ensure you comply with organic standards. That’s not too difficult; after all, your property is so [...]

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Feedback Loop Update for Beef Producers

Australia’s farmer-owned organic beef marketing company, OBE Organic, is co-investing with the MLA Donor Company (MDC) to create a slaughter data Feedback Loop that aims to improve producer productivity, improve animal health and welfare outcomes, and reduce waste.
The 12 month project began in March 2017 and will analyse existing data collected by our processor to [...]

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Technology for Collaborating Around the World

When the majority of your customers are in markets overseas, the ability to communicate easily and efficiently is a must-have component to running a successful export business.
OBE Organic is based in Australia and does a lot of its business with supermarkets, restaurants and distributors in North America, the Middle East and Asia. Not only does [...]

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Get to know the Australian Agriculture and Meat Industries

Supermarkets, butcheries, and food service companies around the world are looking to Australia to source produce such as meats, healthier packaged snacks and wine. Australia is known for its ‘clean and green’ reputation, producing some of the world’s most pure and highest quality products.
We regularly have country delegations come to Australia to learn more about [...]

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Digital disruption and our customers in Asia: 4 things organic cattle producers need to think about

Everyone in Australian agriculture knows about the importance of Asia and the rise of technology, but what do these mean for organic cattle producers?
As part of their ongoing work to keep on top of market conditions, OBE Organic’s Board travelled to Hong Kong recently with organic cattle producers, to hear from to thought leaders from [...]

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