OBE Organic Halal Beef Certification

Guaranteed Halal Australian Meat

“Islamic consumers place paramount importance on the religious requirements for the production of food. For this reason all cattle, sheep and goats processed in Australia destined for the Middle East market are slaughtered under the Australian Government Supervised Halal program, by Muslims approved by accredited Islamic certifying authorities in accredited processing plants, according to strict Islamic law or Shariah. This program is guaranteed under the Australian law, and administered by AQIS.
The Australian red meat industry has adopted strict procedures to ensure only certified Halal meat products are available for export. This is why Australian red meat is ‘Guaranteed Halal’. It is one of MLA‘s roles in the Middle East to promote Australia’s Halal program to ensure that governments, religious leaders and consumers are confident that Australian red meat is ‘Guaranteed Halal’.”

OBE produces and exports only guaranteed organic Halal beef.




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