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Becoming a seller of OBE Organic beef gives you a premium quality product both you and your customers can count on, down to the very last bite. Over more than 20 years we have earned a reputation as a respected and trusted producer of healthy, great tasting organic beef. From the USA to Asia, to the Middle East and back home to Australia again our beef is recognised and appreciated for being of the highest organic standards with superb nutritional benefits.

From our plains to the plate.

For a better future

The market for organic meat is increasingly growing. Today people are becoming more conscientious about the quality and health benefits of the food they are eating. This places our organic beef, rich in natural nutrients, in a prime position to cater to the growing demand and to take centre stage on the family dinner table. With our short supply chain, cold chain delivery logistics and expertise we’re able to guarantee the swift and safe delivery of our beef. We perform numerous strict quality and safety checks as it’s transported through certified organic cold storage facilities and refrigerated vehicles. These stringent measures ensure our beef always arrives brimming and fresh with all the natural goodness it acquired in the Aussie outback. And it’s a standard we maintain wherever we deliver in the world.

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