OBE, A Responsible Company

Bringing consumers certified organic, grass-fed beef from Australia

The OBE Organic group was founded in the early 1990s by a far-sighted group of Australian pastoral families which are continuing century-old family traditions. Today, OBE Organic is a producer of healthy and great-tasting grass-fed organic beef.

The scale of OBE Organic’s free-range production operation is staggering: together, the families own over seven million hectares of Australia’s best cattle grazing land (that’s 70,000 square kilometres or 27,000 square miles!).

Guided by heritage and driven by purity, OBE Organic delivers old-world quality with perfect health and safety standards. Pure and simple.

The Best Quality Standards Possible

A product that establishes itself and becomes popular all around the globe, has to have something special about it, that matters to consumers. For OBE Organic, that something is our stringent adherence to the best quality standards for our organic grass fed beef products.

Trusted worldwide      

Since our first product launched, in the 1990s, we have seen a growing demand for organic grass fed beef. We have, over time, increased the number of export markets, where our products are available.  More and more consumers are making the change to consuming OBE organic grass fed beef. They are making quality and safety their number one priority, when buying food for their families.

Our company brand

The OBE Organic brand is known and respected worldwide as a most trustworthy supplier of organic grass fed beef. Our brand is well known from as far away as New York in the USA, to parts of the Middle East, and Asia and of course, right here at home in Australia.

The delivery cold chain

We maintain an excellent cold chain that delivers our organic grass fed beef to destinations all over the world. At many points in the supply chain, strict quality and safety checks are undertaken. These are demanded in countries like the USA, and the United Arab Emirates, for beef imported into those countries. The supply chain includes cold storage facilities & refrigerated vehicles, which ensure that our products remain refrigerated, from when they leave our processing site to their final destination, whether locally or overseas. This ensures that OBE Organic grass fed beef stays fresh all the way from the processing centre to the point of sale and consumption. Produced in Australia, our organic grass fed beef packs are found stacked in fresh condition, in retailers all over the world.

Impeccable certification

Besides participating in the many quality & safety audits, which are mandated by Governments around the world, we have voluntarily chosen to be audited by many of our customers. Why? We want to assure the world that our company’s products are some of the best and most unique in the world.

Contact us

Our quality and safety standards are very important to us. If you want to learn more about the way we meet our quality and safety standards, ring us now on +61 7 3623 2880 or email us at sales@obeorganic.com