Industry involvement

As a small company with big ambitions, we need to use our resources wisely to make an impact, so forming partnerships is fundamental to our approach. We also think we have an obligation to contribute to industry and broader society through memberships in various committees.

Partnerships in 2017/18

  • Grazing BMP (to deliver producers workshops)
  • MLA Donor Company (to deliver the Feedback Loop research project)
  • Palgrove and Olive Media (to develop an online farm safety induction)
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (various projects and support)
  • Activ8 (to deliver a remote broadband connectivity trial)

Memberships in 2017/18

  • AgForce
  • AMIC
  • Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI)
  • Beef Australia
  • Chamber Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ)
  • Export Council of Australia (ECA)
  • FemEconomy
  • NASAA Certified Organic (NCO)
  • Rural Press Club
  • Australian Institute of Management – Education and Training (AIM Training)
  • Aus-Meat (Annual Non-Packer Export Accreditation)

Committees / Boards in 2017/18

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Council for Australia Arab Relations (Dalene Wray, Deputy Chair)
  • Telstra Queensland Regional Advisory Council (Dalene Wray, member)
  • Australian Government Farm Cooperative Project (Dalene Wray, Industry Advisory Group member)
  • Australian Organic Industry Working Group (member)
  • Australian Meat Industry Council (Dalene Wray, Alyce Teys, committee members)