Organic beef, Seasoned by Nature

The result of our unique farmer-owned supply chain is certified organic beef from cattle that roam across millions of hectares in the pure heart of Australia.
The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land are infused into every cut of OBE Organic beef.
OBE Organic sells certified organic beef to customers in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Our impact

The Australian Dietary Guidelines say lean beef is part of the ‘protein-rich’ food group people should eat every day (poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans are other foods in this food group).  Lean red meat is a particularly good source of iron, zinc, B12 and is easily absorbed. It can be especially important for some groups including infants, children, women (particularly when pregnant) and athletes.

The Guidelines recommend one to three serves of the protein-rich foods each day, depending on age. For adults, a maximum of 700 grams of lean red meat (raw, or about 455 grams cooked) per adult per week is recommended.  While most Australians need more of this food group, many Australian men would benefit from eating less red meat.

Our actions

Customers trust us to deliver a product that is safe, as well as delicious and nutritious.
Our products are backed by Australia’s renowned systems for producing clean and safe beef. These include the Nationals Livestock Identification System to trace all cattle in Australia, numerous legislative requirements and industry standards at processors, and inspections by importing authorities.