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A field guide to the Plants of the Channel Country Western Queensland

Publisher: The Channel Landcare Group
Author: Rhondda Alexander

Plants of the Channel Country is a book about the plants of the beautiful, sometimes harsh and unpredicatable Channel Country of Australia, incorporating the river systems of the Mulligan, Georgina, Wills, Burke, Hamilton, Diamantina, and Cooper Creek.

The Channel Landcare Group has published this book as a guide to general field identification of the flora for all land carers and land managers, and also to enable the wider community to see, identify, and appreciate the very special diversity and beauty of these plants.

The text and photography are a combined effort of the people who have lived or are living in Australia’s unique Channel Country.

The book can be purchased for A$20 plus postage & handling from the following locations:

  • From the author, Rhondda Alexander phone +61 (7) 5437 6481
  • Desert Channels Queensland Office – Longreach

Humane Livestock Handling cover

 Humane Livestock Handling

Publisher: Storey Publishing

Author: Temple Grandin

If the animals on America’s factory farms got together to award an Animal Nobel Peace Prize, they would surely give it to Temple Grandin.  Who else has brought her combination of deep empathy  and hard-headed engineering know-how to their lot?  “Humane Livestock Handling” will make that know-how more widely available, and few things could do more to improve the lot of these animals.  -Michael Pollan

From the Back Cover

Improve the day-to-day operation as well as the profitability of your farm by raising healthier, more contented animals. The benefits are great—for you and for your livestock.
Well-treated animals, free from fear and pain:
Injure themselves less frequently, keeping bruised meat to a minimum.
Stay healthier, reducing veterinary expenditures.
Remain calm in most circumstances, keeping human handlers safer.
Deliver higher yields of marketable meat.
Answer consumer demand for humanely raised meat.
Are an indispensable part of efficient, satisfying, ethically managed small farms.

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