OBE Organic Guaranteed Halal Meat

Halal Meat in AustraliaWe are proud to produce and export only guaranteed organic halal beef. All organic meat produced by OBE is slaughtered under the Australian Government Supervised Halal Program,  by Muslims approved by accredited Islamic certifying authorities in accredited processing plants, according to strict Islamic law or Shariah. This program is guaranteed under the Australian law, and administered by AQIS.


The Australian Government’s Authorised Halal Program has guidelines for the preparation, identification, storage and certification for export of halal red meat and red meat products. The guidelines are provided to all meat establishments for the halal slaughter of livestock and preparation, identification, processing, storage, segregation and certification of halal red meat and red meat products  for export to all importing countries..


You can find out more about Muslim Slaughtermen Accreditation by visiting the Ausmeat website.


To find out more about the recognised Islamic certifying authorities for Halal certification of red meat in Australia, we suggest visiting the AQIS website.


Aussie Muslims and Muslims around the world can now enjoy safe organic halal meats.