OBE Organic now in Mexico!

We were the first Australian company to export grass fed organic beef more than 20 years ago, and we’re constantly looking for new markets.  The more markets we sell to the stronger our business gets   for the family farmers who supply us, and the closer we get to our mission of helping people around the world live better, healthier lives.

So we’re delighted to celebrate our successful launch into Mexico City this month.

With help from Meat and Livestock Australia, AusTrade and Mexico City distributor GAPA Foodservice, we showcased our beef at a fantastic event at the Australian Ambassador’s residence.

Australian Ambassador (resident in Mexico City) Mr. David Engel addressing the room on  OBE Organic

A wide range of influencers and leaders – including buyers of major supermarkets and hotel groups, and chefs from some of Mexico City’s top restaurants – were treated to the unique “Seasoned by Nature” flavours of our premium beef in an exclusive tasting menu comprised of a variety of organic beef cuts.

Led by OBE Organic Managing Director Dalene Wray – on her second visit to Mexico after being invited to speak at an international meat conference last year – and Sales Executive Elle Rands, we had the opportunity to educate these important customers on the unique attributes of our beef.

Mexico is not short of beef, but OBE Organic grass fed beef is another level:  beef that is infused with the seasonal flavours of natural pastures from across the Lake Eyre Basin, backed by an unbeatable provenance and sustainability story.

We were overwhelmed by the response from everyone we spoke to – feedback that was reinforced with glowing media and social media coverage.

So if you’re a family farmer supplying OBE Organic, take a bow: the beef you have worked so hard to raise is now available for people in Mexico to make part of their healthy balanced diet.