OBE’s Supply Chain

Find out about the rigorous criteria we apply and meet at every step along the supply chain.

Transportation and handling.

Rigorous criteria have to be met in the selection of our transport companies. Careful attention is given to the safe and humane transportation of stock, and a careful check of animals and transport is carried out prior to loading.


OBE Organic cattle and lambs are shipped to processing facilities under strict, certified organic standards. Holding yards are all certified under the organic standards of the OBE Organic Management System. All feed provided to animals in transit is organically certified.


On arrival at the processing plant, all organically produced livestock are segregated in yards that are dedicated exclusively to organically produced stock.



OBE Organic beef and lamb is processed in USDA approved certified organic processing facilities, certified under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The facilities undergo comprehensive audits by OFC. They therefore comply  with the International IFOAM organic standards.


Processing is conducted using the latest equipment and technology, this has resulted in some fo the best traceability and packaging systems in the world.


Every step and process in the plant is approved under the OBE Organic Management System.