How Do You Make the World’s Best Organic Beef?

Distinctly Different Organic Beef

When it comes to getting great tasting organic beef, we let Mother Nature play the role of grand chef.

Just as the best winemakers work with terroir to impart unique characteristics to their wine, we believe everything cattle eat, drink, breathe and do goes into creating a unique flavour and quality.

In the raw heart of Australia, nature’s seasoning comes into a league of its own, creating the best-tasting, healthiest beef you will find.

Flavour From Australia’s Natural Pastures

OBE cattle graze on seasonally changing pastures, with over 250 species of native grasses, herbs and succulents on offer.

The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land infuse unique flavours into every cut of OBE Organic beef.

We Care About Our Cattle

Animal welfare is an important part of an organic livestock program. At certified organic cattle properties, annual organic certification inspections ensure cattle have stocking rates appropriate for the region.

We take feed production capacity, health, nutrient balance and environmental impact into consideration at all stages of the cattle-raising process.

Certified Organic

OBE® Organic’s entire supply chain is fully certified organic.

Our supply chain begins with certified organic cattle producers: family farmers who have chosen organic livestock production as a way of life. Their properties are certified by third party auditors to comply with Australia’s National Standards for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce and the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA NOP).

Quality Organic Beef

Lean beef, eaten as part of a balanced diet, offers exceptional nutritional benefits to people of all ages and levels of health.

We supplied 3,370 tonnes of chemical free, safe, nutritious organic beef to consumers around the world. Our beef is:

* Free of antibiotics, added hormones, and genetically modified feed

* Raised on pastures free from chemical treatments.

Distributor Reviews

Joe Sanchez
Daniels Meats, California

Customers buying OBE Organic can be assured the cattle were treated humanely, the cattle were processed in the greatest of sanitary conditions and that you will experience a great tasting   product –the best organic beef produced in the world.

OBE Organic Seasoned By Nature

We are Australian family-farmer owned, sourcing cattle from vast properties located within the Lake Eyre Basin, spanning over 7 million hectares across the states of South Australia and Queensland.

Sustainable, Free Range, Grass fed and Certified Organic, OBE Organic beef is SEASONED BY NATURE the natural way, from the pure heart of Australia.


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