Camel trek

‘John Elliot trekked from one side of Australia to the other and happened to pass through Bollards. We could hear him coming before we could see him! He stayed overnight…

It missed us

‘Sometimes the sky can look promising for rain, and sometimes it falls on the neighbour’s place and  misses you. Here’s my husband Grant, in a typical pose.’

Job done

‘Our MAC truck was heading home after shifting cattle on Bollards. It was fortunate that our neighbour Andrew Ogilvy was also on his way home in his helicopter and I…

Young helpers

‘School holidays means we often have friends and family come to visit. Young boys and girls enjoy feeding poddy calves and helping out around the homestead.’ Gina Rieck

Healthy Herefords

‘These Herefords were mustered through our yard in March 2021, after coming through a drought. They were fat and healthy and in really good condition. We have four yards on…