Meet Our Farmers

We are closely connected to a far-reaching network of Australian cattle producers.

Farmer Owned

OBE Organic is proud to be Australia’s oldest and most trusted organic beef marketing company: a company established and owned by family farmers.

Our family farmers are united by a shared respect for the environment and their animals, and a commitment to produce the best possible organic beef. It was this collective desire to do better that led us to establish OBE® Organic in the early 1990s.

By creating an organic beef value chain in Australia, we opened up an entirely new market for all cattle producers, especially in remote areas.

OBE Organic® is run on co-operative principles. This allows us to maximise returns to all the family farmers who supply us.

As a family-owned business ourselves, we work hard to support our producers so they can continue to run flourishing farms for generations to come.

Featured Farmer

Meet the faces behind our world-leading organic beef

Don and Judy Rayment

Don and Judy keep very busy with the day to day running of the large organic cattle property. Both manage to find time to help out at community events where possible.

For the past eight years Don has been President of the Birdsville Social Club and Judy who act as President as well as Secretary. Together they ran the first ever rodeo in Birdsville in 2006 and first camp draft in 2012.


If you’re a great organic cattle producer, by selling your cattle to us you can benefit from

  • A generous grid
  • Assistance to improve profitability and productivity, through our pioneering work in data feedback, biosecurity, farm safety, social media, and more – all to support organic beef producers
  • Loyalty and reliability that comes from being part of Australia’s oldest farmer-owned organic beef supply chain.