Our Philosophy

Healthy landscapes create healthy food. At OBE Organic, we care about people, animals and livestock.

Our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals

Animal welfare is an important part of an organic livestock program & everyone in our supply chain has a responsibility to treat animals well.

On certified organic cattle properties, annual organic certification inspections ensure cattle have stocking rates appropriate for the region, taking into consideration feed production capacity, health, nutrient balance and environmental impact.

Our goal is to lead positive global change in rangelands animal welfare. We aim to ‘change for good’ with the right focus on process and behaviour. 

Key components of our animal welfare strategy are to:
* Develop a process to monitor performance using existing data
* Participate in industry animal welfare initiatives
* Enhance our feedback loop to producers using behaviour theory to nudge change.

Customers buying OBE Organic can be assured the cattle are treated humanely & are processed in the greatest of sanitary conditions.

Joe Sanchez
Daniels Meats, California

Planet matters

Landscapes are complex systems where everything is linked. Good grazing management preserves vegetation which improves soil health, increases water retention, reduces erosion, and stores more carbon in vegetation and soil.

We are mindful of this in all our actions, and are taking positive steps to reduce our impact on the planet.

It’s a privilege to work with companies like OBE Organic who do sustainability because it’s how they do business, not because they see it as a marketing tool.

Putting people first

Supporting the employees and people in our supply chain will build a stronger business for us, and a better life for them.

We care about sustainability, safety, resilience and diversity of our team, and have developed active partnerships and programs to support the needs of our staff members and farmers.

No one could doubt OBE Organic’s commitment to a Mentally Healthy workplace. OBE Organic is truly committed to their values.

Our Vision For Reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia that proudly embraces Indigenous culture as integral to our national identity. An Australia that does this will instinctively recognise past wrongs and include Indigenous people in all aspects of our society.

For OBE Organic to play our role in this vision, we will work to build respect, relationship and opportunity in our business, in our supply chain, and in our industry.

OBE Organic has learnt so much in their reconciliation journey. Given the contribution of Aboriginal stockmen and stockwomen to the development of the Australian pastoral industry – why wouldn’t you want to acknowledge that? A vision for reconciliation signals to others you want to learn and show respect.

Joyleen Booth
Murnpeowie Station, South Australia


OBE® Organic beef passes stringent quality inspections before reaching your table.

The Australian meat industry protects its reputation for producing clean, green and safe red meat products with a number of traceability and quality assurance programs.
These include the National Livestock Identification System (which allows for electronic traceability of every animal in Australia), numerous legislative requirements and industry standards at processors and inspections by importing authorities.

We work with only the best distributors to ensure OBE Organic beef is of the same premium quality in every country we export to.

You will experience a great tasting product – the best organic beef produced in the world.

Joe Sanchez
Daniels Meats, California