Located in the Heartland of Outback Australia... The Channel Country

Where cattle are free to roam and graze across millions of hectares of certified organic rangelands

Organic Beef Exporter in Australia


Along with the feel good attributes of being a sustainable & certified organic product, OBE Organic beef is also known for its unique provenance and distinct flavour.

Unique Provenance

Sourced from cattle stations in the remote outback region of Australia known as the Channel Country. Unique to other beef producing regions, OBE Channel Country is characterised by inland flowing river systems and open rangelands than span millions of hectares in size.

Flavour that is Seasoned by Nature®

Cattle are free to roam and graze across vast rangelands on a diet of nutritious and naturally occurring grasses and herbages. This special diet results in a superior flavour of beef that we call Seasoned by Nature®.

Beef You Can Feel Good About

Sourced from cattle that are grass fed, free range and family owned. Certified Organic means there are no hidden nasties and stringent requirements for animal welfare are met. Guided by sustainable business practices, you can trust OBE Organic beef as a healthy and safe protein source for your family

Premium Organic Australian Beef


As Australia’s first and oldest organic beef exporter, we have earned a reputation as a respected and reliable producer of healthy, great tasting organic beef, committed to sustainability and best practice. Our secret is simple: when it comes to crafting great tasting beef we let Mother Nature play the role of grand chef.


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Organic Beef Exporter in Australia
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Delicious and healthy, now available throughout Australia, North America, Middle East, and Asia.

Organic Beef Exporter in Australia
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Flavourful, sustainable and made from the pure heart of Australia. Our product is certified organic, grass fed and family owned.

Organic Beef Exporter in Australia
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