What we have

2016/2017 Actions

7.2 million hectares in the pure heart of Australia.

Our producers manage almost 18 million acres of certified organic farmlands.  Most of this is in the Lake Eyre Basin, one of the world’s great free-flowing inland river systems. Countless floods here have deposited rich nutrients to create vast, fertile outback floodplains – so remote they have been virtually untouched by chemicals for millions of years.

In this harsh but pristine environment, over 250 species of natural grasses, herbs and succulents grow year-round and flourish when intermittent floodwaters recede.

We continued our Grazing BMP partnership to deliver best management practices training and benchmarking to remote cattle producers. This aims to improve their environmental management, and to increase their productivity.

We promoted the  Biosecurity Planning Workbook for Organic Livestock Enterprises in partnership with Livestock Biosecurity Network.

We contributed to the development of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework.