Well-managed healthy landscapes create healthy food.  We’re working to show they also make farmers more productive and create environmental value.  We know all food production has impacts. We also know landscapes are complex systems where everything is linked: good grazing management preserves vegetation which improves soil health, increases water retention, reduces erosion, and stores more carbon in vegetation and soil.  Our organic cattle producers have been managing their environment for generations.  We’re working to help them improve even more so they can improve land condition, produce more beef per hectare, and reduce their carbon footprint.


Our producers manage millions of hectares of certified organic rangelands. Most of this is in the Lake Eyre Basin, one of the world’s great free-flowing inland river systems. Countless floods have deposited rich nutrients to create vast, fertile outback floodplains – so remote they have been virtually untouched by chemicals since the beginning of time.

Over 250 species of natural grasses and pastures grow year-round and flourish when intermittent floodwaters recede. Cattle roam freely to graze on these seasonally-changing pastures, choosing what they need and what is in season.

Our impact

Our small office of 10 people has minimal environmental impact, so the focus of our environmental efforts is on-farm.

We have influence but no control on farms, so our focus is to explore ways to help producers measure environmental performance, and how farm environmental performance links to farm profitability.

Like all food production, beef production has land use, water and climate change impacts.  Our organic grass-fed production systems minimises some of these impacts, and we’re exploring practical ways to help producers continually improve and reduce other on-farm environmental impacts.

Our actions

First organic beef marketing company in Australia.

Organic standards have strict environmental management requirements, with chemicals and synthetic fertilisers prohibited. 5% of organic land must be maintained to facilitate biodiversity or nature conservation.

First Grazing BMP corporate partner, to encourage producers to continually improve environmental management.

Investigated 4 partnerships in 2017/18 to measure the on-farm impact of our beef production.

Attended 2 Consultative Committee meetings of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework in 2017/18 to contribute to environmental (and other sustainability) management ambitions for the beef industry.