About the Collaboration

OBE Organic is proud to be Australia’s oldest and most trusted organic beef marketing company: a company established and owned by family farmers. Our family farmers are united by a shared respect for the environment and their animals, and a commitment to produce the best possible organic beef. Our business was founded in the late 1990’s in Australia’s heartland, the Channel Country and we are committed to showcasing the places and people who make our certified organic beef so unique.

We’re excited to launch our second collaboration with Gina Rieck, an OBE Organic shareholder and supplier of livestock to OBE Organic.

Our collaboration will feature images taken by Gina, on their 1 million acre cattle station, in remote South Australia as well as on their farm in the South-East of South Australia. Images taken on neighboring stations will also appear in this collaboration.

Their cattle station, Bollard’s Lagoon is certified organic and boasts a large herd of certified organic livestock.

About Gina Rieck

Gina moved to Bollards Lagoon in 1993 after she married Grant. Gina became interested in photography through a friend, although buying a good camera preceded knowing how to take good photos! After completing an online course, photography has become a fun hobby. Gina enjoys taking photos in the late afternoon where the colours are really special. Gina has chosen a number of images for this collaboration, showcasing her family, her certified organic cattle station and her farm in SE South Australia. The images represent her interests, her hobby and her perspective. Learn more about Gina here.

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