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From Annie, in Brisbane Australia

‘Thank you for organising our meat order last week. Our customers were really happy with your products. Absolutely delicious is the feedback we are getting back from our customers’.


Respected Australian finance journalist on his best-ever steak

Australian senior finance journalist Michael PascoeAustralian senior finance journalist Michael Pascoe

Born-and-bred Queenslander Michael Pascoe is one of Australia’s most respected finance journalists. Currently finance commentator on the Seven Network‘s nationally-broadcast Sunrise, he also presents on the Sky satellite network’s Sky Business Report. Michael is an alumnus of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, the Australian Financial Review, the Australian national broadcasters the Macquarie Radio Network and the Nine Network.
Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in 2009, he said, “For what it’s worth, taste being such a personal thing, the best beef has to be grass fed – all that grain-fed nonsense just ads weight, fat and maybe some tenderness to a beast while taking out taste.
“The animal has to be prepared well for slaughter – no stress. And then, if you really want something a bit fancy, it will have lived on desert grasses.
“Without doubt the best steak I’ve ever had was in Birdsville while doing a story on the Channel Country’s OBE Organic beef. I’ve tasted nothing like it before or since. And the breed didn’t really matter.”
OBE Organic couldn’t be happier to be producing the world’s best tasting organic beef, and you know, Michael, that we’ve got plenty of it up here in the Channel Country, so call by for another legendary feed anytime you’re in our neck of the outback!


“New York’s Butcher” on the quality and healthy benefits of OBE Organic’s 100% pasture-fed beef

Fairway Market's Ray Venezia in an episode of Come Hell or HindquarterFairway Market’s Ray Venezia in an episode of Come Hell or Hindquarter

Third-generation master butcher Ray Venezia heads up all protein lines at the iconic New York City premium grocery chain Fairway Market. Often appearing in New York and national media, and a favourite meat expert guest of celebrity chef Rachael Ray‘s, Ray Venezia knows our meat as well as anyone else in the United States.
Speaking in an episode of his video series Come Hell or Hindquarter, our old friend and customer Ray had the following to say.
“OBE is one of the healthiest beefs you can eat in the world today. We get it flown-in fresh from the outback of Australia. Its raised on over 16 million acres of untouched farmland by the same 32 farmers five generations later.
“There are tremendous health benefits from grass-fed beef: what you get is high levels of omega-3 which is very healthy for you. Outside of grass-fed beef, the only protein you can get that in is fish.
“In prime meat you can see a lot of fat running through the meat — the marbling — that’s coming from the fact the animal is eating a lot of grain. In a grass-fed animal you see a darker red colour and its not as fatty. This is people’s main concern today: how much fat they’re taking in their diets.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Ray. Keep making those New Yorkers, New Jerseyites and Connecticutians happy with our terrific organic beef!


Real New Yorkers love our beef

Happy shoppers at Fairway Market's Upper East Side location
Happy shoppers at Fairway Market’s Upper East Side location

We’ve received many unsolicited testimonials from New Yorkers who have bought OBE Organic beef from Fairway Market and tasted the Australian Outback. Some of our favourites are as follows:
“I purchased some of your OBE Organic Australian grass-fed ground sirloin at Fairway Market, located on 12th Avenue right on the Hudson River in NY, and it was delicious!”
Thanks, Nancy from Riverdale!
“We buy your excellent beef from Fairway Market in New York City. In addition to being organic, your beef is also range-fed, or grass-fed, as we call it here in the States. Grass-fed beef is what is featured at our farmer’s markets. You should emphasize that aspect of your beef, because organic is only the beginning.”
You’re so right, Thomas from New York. We’ve started to emphasize that OBE Organic is pasture-fed in our website and packaging.


Organic Expo visitors loved OBE Organic

Organic Expo & Green Show InternationalOrganic Expo & Green Show International

When we sampled our 100% organic beef burgers at the Melbourne (Australia) Organic Expo & Green Show, we had an embarrassing amount of praise heaped on our barbie chef! We reckon we’re pretty humble folks, so we’ll reprint only one.
“I recently tasted your burgers at the Melbourne Organic Expo, and I have to say they are the best in the world. I had my little girl with me and she LOVED them! Never will I ever taste a burger as good as that. YUM YUM.”
Thanks, Sara from Melbourne! We agree: organic pasture-fed beef is great for little girls and boys.


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