Supermarkets, butcheries, and food service companies around the world are looking to Australia to source produce such as meats, healthier packaged snacks and wine. Australia is known for its ‘clean and green’ reputation, producing some of the world’s most pure and highest quality products.

We regularly have country delegations come to Australia to learn more about its agriculture, meat production or its on-trend and healthy packaged products in general. For those keen to learn more about Australian produce, we’ve curated a list of sources for you to have a look at.

Buying from Australia – AusTrade
Red meat – Meat & Livestock Australia
Grocery items – Australian Food & Grocery Council
Wine – Australian Wine Association
Wool – Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Pork – Australian Pork
Organic food & products – Organic Federation of Australia

We believe a ‘rising tide lifts all boats,’ and although we produce just organic, grass-fed beef, we want to see all of Australia’s healthy food and product industries grow.

When you source goods from Australia for your supermarket, restaurant, butchery or food service, you’re not just buying a commodity product. Whether its beef, wool, wheat, honey or a packaged cereal, you’re buying the care and craftsmanship of farmers, growers, artisans and makers. You’re getting a piece of ‘brand Australia,’ which we, and other producers work so hard to uphold and protect.

If you’re looking to do business with Australia, have a look at the links above. If you’re interested in sourcing our organic, grass-fed beef, please contact our sales team in Brisbane here.

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