Social communications plays a significant role in the way OBE Organic communicates with industry, customers, journalists and consumers around the world. One of our favourite social media platforms is Twitter, especially when it comes to engaging with others in the Australian agriculture, food and organic products industries.

One of the many things we love about social media and specifically Twitter is sharing value with our community and learning from each other in real-time. If there’s a useful article, an upcoming webinar, or even just a photo of rain in the Outback, we want to share it, as it may be beneficial to others we know online.

Some of the industry topics you’ll find us tweeting about or monitoring conversations around include: sustainability, technology, innovation, diversity, biosecurity, the Outback, and all things ‘brand Australia.’ We’re keen to help foster a sense of community for Australia’s agriculture, food and organic products. Some of our own family farmers who live in rural Australia and don’t often have the chance to network in person with other graziers, are using social media as a way to feel closer to their counterparts across the country and even across the world. We believe social media can help build that community while also garnering the types of conversations that can lead to real progress.

As one of our family farmers, Janet Brook of Cordillo Downs Station in South Australia, tweeted recently, we hope our social media conversations on Twitter can help bring us closer to not only our domestic community, but to the rest of the world.

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As a brand that’s had social communications heavily engrained into its business for the past couple of years, we encourage others to get online and engaged. There are so many conversations happening right now that impact our industry; it’s in everyone’s best interest to get involved, know what’s being said and help drive the online dialogue.

If you don’t already, we hope you’ll follow OBE Organic and its team on Twitter. OBE’s Twitter handle is @OBEOrganic and you can follow our entire team by subscribing to this list:

Photo screenshots by OBE Organic featuring photos from Fiona Lake Photography.

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