OBE Organic is proud to be one of the first Australian companies displaying the new National Organic Mark on our packaging. The mark is a logo, which certified organic operators can use on their products.

This logo unites Australia’s various organic symbols into one, easy to identify consumer label.

Just as the USDA Organic seal is synonymous with organic integrity, this logo will become known around the world as a guarantee of organically certified product from Australia.

We know the word ‘organic’ is increasingly being used on products, we know a product’s country of origin is sometimes unclear, and we know the many logos in the Australian organic industry have caused confusion in the past.

That’s why we are so happy to see the iconic Australian gum leaf symbol used in a new national organic mark -. When you see this mark, you know the product has been certified organic by an independent auditor, and you know it comes from Australia

And like all certified organic produce, when you see this label you know the product is:
· GMO-free

· Antibiotic-free

· Hormone-free

· Chemical-free
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