We get asked a lot by meat managers at supermarkets around the world, “what makes your beef different from others? Why should I buy your beef? And why does grass-fed beef matter so much?”

Meat managers care because their customers care and they are demanding variety and healthy options at the meat counter. In recent years, we’re seeing more shoppers asking butchery staff questions about how cattle are raised and what they eat. Health-conscious consumers, in places like America, are even asking questions such as, “is this beef grain-fed or grass-fed, did the cattle roam free in pasture or did they come from a feedlot?”

While there are many things that make Australian beef unique, we’re especially keen to focus on what OBE Organic cattle consume and the health benefits it offers consumers who eat our beef. Not only is our beef certified organic, but our cattle are free to roam and free to choose their own diet consisting of over 250 species of native herbs and grasses in Outback Australia. This fact alone is why so many of our retail customers choose OBE Organic beef for their meat departments.

The plants that OBE cattle eat are in many cases unique to Australia and also unique to regions where some of our cattle graze, such as the Lake Eyre Basin and Channel Country. Some of the plants our cattle eat that contribute to their health and nutrition, include:

• Saltbush
• Desert Blue Grass
• Kangaroo Grass
• Cottonbush
• Neverfail
• Channel Clover
• Birdsville Indigo






For more on where OBE Organic beef comes from and to see how and where our cattle roam freely, watch this short video, Nature’s Perfect Farm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYzxAIcJPW4. Browse our YouTube page for other videos showcasing our land, producers and cattle.

If you’re interested in stocking our beef in your supermarket, contact our Brisbane-based sales team about options for an organic, grass-fed beef program suited for your shoppers’ preferences. We export all over the world. Our organic beef is ranged in retailers in North America, the Middle East and Asia. Reach our sales team at sales@obeorganic.net or +61 7 3062 9600.

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