Many of our family farmers have been producing grass-fed organic beef for over 20 years.

They take great pride in seeing the food they produce nourish families around the world, and so they should: we’ve always known that lean beef, eaten as part of a balanced diet, offers exceptional nutritional benefits to people of all ages and levels of health.

We’ve checked in with the Australian Dietary Guidelines for some facts on red meat in a healthy diet.

Lean beef is part of the ‘protein-rich’ food group people should eat every day.

  • Lean red meat is a particularly good source of iron, zinc and B12 and is easily absorbed.
  • Lean red meat can be especially important for some groups including infants, children, women (particularly when pregnant) and athletes.
  • Poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans are other foods in this food group.
  • While most Australians need more of this food group, many Australian men would benefit from eating less red meat.

How much? Maximum of 700 grams of lean red meat per adult per week.

  • The Guidelines recommend one to three serves of the protein-rich foods each day, depending on age.
  • For adults, a maximum of seven serves (65 grams cooked or about 90-100 grams raw) of lean red meat per week is recommended.
  • If you eat more than this in a single serving, have a larger serve every second day instead of a small serve every day – just keep the weekly total under 700 grams (raw).

The bottom line? Feel good about eating lean beef.

Some vocal commentators would have you believe red meat is bad for your health.  It’s just not true.

Within a balanced diet of sensible proportions, the delicious, nutritious beef produced by our family farmers has a vital role to play to continue nourishing families of the world.

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