Mason Hough, son of Tracey, explores the artesian bore & surrounding landscape at Carcoory during Mithaka Youth Camp 2021.

In 30 March 1954 The Courier Mail reported the Carcoory Artesian Bore was sunk to a depth of 2620 feet (798.6m) on the Betoota-Bedourie stock route with a flow of 500,000 gallons (2273045 liters) a day. The bore was restricted to 70,000 gallons a day. The Carcoory bore is a stock route regularly used to move cattle from the Northern Territory to South Australia and Queensland (

Water is a very precious commodity in the Channel Country, especially for running stations and moving cattle.

Mithaka and other local groups worked on various cattle stations in the area and were very proficient stockmen and women.


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