Organic cattle stations in outback Australia are vast. Adria Downs Station is 870,000 hectares and is located west of Birdsville.

Fun fact: The MCG in Melbourne is 1.7 hectares, so there are the equivalent of 511,000 MCGs on Adria Downs!

It borders Simpson Desert Munga-Thirri National Park. Adria Downs was one of the first cattle stations in Australia to be certified organic, following the creation of OBE Organic in the late 1990s.

Considering the vast size of the property, helicopters are often used to support the annual mustering programs. Some cattle stations have their own helicopter, however many, like Adria Downs, choose to engage contract musterers to fly in and support their team on the ground.

Helicopter musterers often work from dawn to dusk. You can watch this video for a unique perspective on the important work of helicopter musterers on Adria Downs Station.

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