We recently celebrated Kim’s ten-year anniversary at OBE Organic with a little Elton John magic and poem written especially for her.
Nell and I appreciate all the Kim does for us in her role as Administration Manager at OBE Organic. Here’s a poem written about Kim, for Kim.

Our Beloved Kim Stalley 

From invoices to receipts and the paying of cheques
From the type of cattle and the number of decks
One day to the next can be complex
Whether its booking FX, or going to the post office on a trek

When dealing with red tape, well that can be a trial
But she always finishes each day with a smile
New starters, she’s always ready to assist
So they can log in , get to work, and ‘get the gist’

At meetings, Kim furiously takes the minutes,
So the people work out the actions within it
Another of her jobs is the ‘herding of cats’
From the kindest of staff, to the ones who just chat

Oh boy, she completes a lot of tasks,
From IT matters, to buying COVID masks
The ordering of shirts – what a trouper
Tenacity in spades – when paying the Super

Her bright personality is admired by staff
She brings it each day, along with a laugh
Kim gets the job done, she doesn’t dilly-dally
When the chips are down, she helps us all rally

When counting the money, she keeps the tally
She doesn’t let people fall into a valley
She’s the one…….. the only………our beloved Kim Stalley

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