Australia’s farmer-owned organic beef marketing company, OBE Organic, is co-investing with the MLA Donor Company (MDC) to create a slaughter data Feedback Loop that aims to improve producer productivity, improve animal health and welfare outcomes, and reduce waste.

The 12 month project began in March 2017 and will analyse existing data collected by our processor to assess the extent and cost of carcase downgrades.

We will then use this data to revise our feedback sheets to communicate this type of information more clearly for producers. It’s all about giving OBE Organic producers information so they can make more money, and continually improve animal wellbeing at the same time.

So far we have:

  • Reviewed processing data. We are seeing interesting pictures emerge.
  • Revised our feedback sheets to put a value on indicators of animal wellbeing.

Coming up we will:

  • Assess processing data in more detail.
  • Provide feedback to our producers on the results, develop management plans for individual properties where needed, and encourage the development of biosecurity and fit-to-load plans.

For more information or to supply organic cattle to a 100% farmer-owned company that puts farmers first, contact Dalene Wray.

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