Fred Brophy's Boxing Tent

Fred Brophy still takes his troupe throughout Queensland.

“Step up, step up
Tent boxing’s the game,
If you can fight,
Come make your name……….

Meet the Cowboy,
Still to be beat
After 12 long years
Not once off his feet.

Do I see a challenger,
Just one likely lad?
If you just go the distance
The money’s not bad.

Strut for the ladies,
Show them your might.
Impress with your bravery,
It could be your night.

You Sir in the back,
You appear a strong man.
Step up to the ring,
Please give him a hand.

How much do you weigh Sir?
Two hundred, you say,
The Cowboy’s much lighter
He could lose today.”

But the grin on his face
And the fighter’s wink back,
Said we’ve been here before
Let’s give him a crack.

The crowd cheered their local,
The first round was close.
Both dodging and weaving,
But few punches thrown.

The second round started
At the sound of a gong.
The Cowboy was acting
He urged his foe on.

The young man threw a punch
That missed by a mile.
The cowboy ducked sideways
His face cracked a smile.

With a flurry of jabs
And a right to the chin
The cowboy attacked,
And the towel was thrown in.

“Good effort young fellow,
You gave it a go.
Most don’t last the first round,
So don’t feel too low.

A hand for your local boy,
Ladies and gents.
He did the town proud,
‘Gainst the champ of the tents.

Now meet the next fighter,
Come, who’ll take him on?
Surely there’s one man,
Who’s agile and strong.”

The show must go on
As it moves town to town.
Brave locals step up
But most get knocked down.

Just two or three fight troupes
In Australia still roam.
They travel the outback
A long way from home.

But if they may come
To a town that you know
Calling “Step up, step up”
Will you give it a go?

… © 2013 John Hansen
The Boxing Troupe, a Poem About Travelling Tent Boxing) – HubPages

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