We have bad news and good news.

The bad news is the livestock industry has one of the worst safety records in Australia. In 2013/14, 1 in 25 graziers suffered a serious injury – serious enough to take time off work. Look around your community, and imagine 1 in every 25 of your peers being seriously hurt this year.

Apart from the pain and trauma of any serious injury, there is also the financial cost. On average these injuries cost over $88,000 each; that’s a big hit to any business.
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The good news is, together we can improve this.

OBE Organic is supporting Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and WorkCover Queensland’s work to improve grazier farm safety with a webinar series.

Once a month for eight months: eight half-hour webinars, eight sets of livestock industry templates to make it easy for graziers to create a farm safety management system, reduce the risk of serious injury and manage return to work.

If you miss any webinar, they will be available on the WHSQ website about three weeks later.

Step 1: Management Commitment webinar was in July. Click here to view.

Step 2: Risk Management webinar is 1pm AEST, Tuesday 2 August. Click here to register now.

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