#Didyouknow that a group of horses used in stock camps are ‘plant horses’ and the person who looks after the horses is called a tailer?

And ‘tailing’ is the word used to describe when stockwomen and stockmen contain a ‘mob’ of cattle or horses while they graze. For example:

  • tailing cows and calves – to mother up;
  • tailing the mob – they may have been in the yards and need a feed.
  • tailing the “plant horses” while mustering or droving.
  • tailing weaners– to quieten, feed and educate them while they are adjusting to being taken from their mothers.

Interested to learn more of the terms used on Australian cattle stations like Adria Downs?

We love this summary by Kent Saddlery covering terms commonly used on Australian cattle stations. Sayings vary from place to place and originate from all over Australia.

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