Our family farmers in Australia’s Channel Country have enjoyed bountiful rains over the last six months. These heavy rain events have supercharged the growth of grasses on which our cattle graze. As such, we have magnificent lines of cattle moving through our supply chain.

In celebration of Mother Nature’s gift, we have launched a new range of beef called OBE Organic Reserve. Our Reserve range is exceptional and is seasoned by nature.

We believe our new range of organic beef is especially relevant to upscale restaurants serving guests who are looking for healthy, organic food that is sustainably-produced and has a unique, provenance story to convey.

More and more customers want to know where their food comes from. OBE Reserve affords our customers the opportunity to have more meaningful conversations around the provenance of the beef they source.
Our new range has just launched with its debut at the Hilton Brisbane Hotel in Brisbane, Australia during the hotel chain’s annual F&B Masters event for the region.

The availability of OBE Organic Reserve will be dictated by the frequency of rain events in its production regions throughout Australia. The new Reserve range, like all OBE Organic beef, is certified organic and grass-fed. Watch this video to learn more: http://bit.ly/2mAVW9V.

Customers interested in sourcing OBE Organic Reserve for upscale restaurants or grocery retailers should contact OBE Organic’s Brisbane-based sales team at sales@obeorganic.net or +61 7 3062 9600. We service customers in Australia and around the world in markets such as North America, Asia and the Middle East.

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