It’s a good time to be in the organic beef business. For those of us with cattle in the Outback, it’s especially a good time as a recent series of rainfall has dramatically changed the landscape and is currently nourishing our cattle with the very best Mother Nature has to offer.

The Australian recently featured OBE Organic and its Chairman, David Brook; read Organic cattle pioneer is enjoying the fattest of years, by Sue Neales. Much of OBE Organic’s production region is located in an area known as Channel Country. At the moment, rain is causing an importation of nutrients into the soil, resulting in lush, nutrient-dense pasture for our cattle to graze on.

To put it simply, the cattle are fat and happy, which means good business for OBE and our network of Australian graziers. As David Brook put it in a recent tweet, “just add water and the Outback always smiles.” Here’s to more rain and happy, healthy cattle throughout all of Australia!


If you’re interested in stocking our beef in your supermarket, butchery or restaurant, contact our Brisbane-based sales team about options for an organic, grass-fed beef program suited to your needs. We export all over the world, including North America, the Middle East and Asia. Contact our sales team at or +61 7 3062 9600.
Photo source: The Australian

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