Currently the Australian Outback is coming to life in a big way. Much of OBE Organic’s beef comes from a part of Australia known as Channel Country. Unlike all other continents where rivers flow out to sea, Australia’s watersheds drain uniquely inland. With no where to go rivers annually overflow their banks and flood the central Outback.

Over the past few months the Outback has been receiving record amounts of rainfall; our beef producers and customers around the world are now reaping the benefits. Some of our best quality beef is produced after heavy rain events where annual floods irrigate the land with nourishing water and fertilize the soil with fresh nutrients. As floodwaters recede, nutrient-rich, organic soil sprouts over 250 native varieties of plants, thus providing our cattle with a nutrient-dense grass diet.

Have a look at some of the photos that photographer, Fiona Lake, recently captured for us on one of our beef producer’s organic property.

The excitement in Australia’s agricultural community is evident through the many social media photos and videos we now see regularly across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One of Australia’s most influential newspapers, The Australian, even featured some of our production region on its front page highlighting just how important the recent wet season is to farmers and how the land is now blossoming.

So what does heavy rain in the Outback mean for our customers around the world at supermarkets, butcheries, restaurants and hotels? Weather has a big impact on those of us producing grass-fed cattle. Without rain, there would not be ample grass for our cattle. Rain on this type of scale essentially means our farmlands and cattle are at their very best. It also makes for some very happy farmers who are always willing to trade dust for mud any day of the week. Stay tuned here for more updates on current conditions in OBE Organic’s production regions around Australia.

Watch this video, Nature’s Perfect Farm, to see for yourself where OBE Organic’s cattle are raised.

If you’re interested in stocking our beef in your supermarket, contact our Brisbane-based sales team about options for an organic, grass-fed beef program suited to your shoppers’ preferences. We export all over the world, including North America, the Middle East and Asia. Reach our sales team at or +61 7 3062 9600.






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