Our consumers around the world want to know where their beef comes from, how livestock are raised and who the people are that produce our organic, grass fed beef. Our ‘meet the farmer’ strategy with consumers comes to life in a variety of ways, sometimes including in-person opportunities to meet our producers directly, as well as editorial and social media content that introduces the people behind our brand.

This June we collaborated with Meat & Livestock Australia and Good Magazine in the United Arab Emirates to introduce one of our beef producers, Gina Rieck, to readers of the magazine. The one-page feature shares a Q&A style interview with Gina, which offers readers a glimpse into the life of an OBE Organic producer living in Outback Australia.

It’s important for consumers to have some sort of connection to the companies that produce their food, whether it’s meeting them in person at an event or in-store demo, or reading about them in a magazine or engaging with a brand post on our Facebook page.

Good is a UAE-based lifestyle consumer magazine with a reader profile of 15,000 female household decision makers aged over 26 years of age who have high discretionary income and buy based on value (quality, taste, origin). This magazine can be found on news stands in the UAE in stores such as, Carrefour, where OBE Organic’s beef is also sold.

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