Seasoned by nature: the way beef should be

At OBE Organic, we take pride in producing beef that families around the world can feel good about eating.

Our customers want to include sensible amounts of safe and nutritious beef in a balanced diet, and they want to know their beef comes from a trusted source that looks after people, animals and the environment.

As Australia’s oldest organic beef company, founded by family farmers in the 1990s with a shared desire to deliver natural and safe beef to families of the world, we want the same things.

We work very hard to meet these expectations. We run our farmer-owned business on co-operative principles to benefit family farmers, and work to improve the social and environmental sustainability aspects of our supply chain.

In other ways though, we rely more on nature to run its course.

Just as winemakers work with terroir to impart unique flavours and heirloom vegetable growers value the naturally differing taste and look of their produce, we believe keeping the cattle raising process as natural as possible creates food that has a distinctive taste and is good for you.

Our cattle are sourced from remote properties in the pure heart of Australia. On farms with few fences, our mainly Hereford cattle follow their instincts to roam across more than seven million hectares of certified organic grasslands. With minimal human interaction they forage freely all year round as nature intended, grazing on over 250 species of native pastures.

The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land infuse subtle and unique flavours into every cut of OBE Organic beef.

The result: grass fed organic beef with a truly unique provenance and flavor, and all the nutritional benefits of beef in a balanced diet.

We call it Seasoned by Nature.  We think it’s the way beef should be.

If you’re looking for beef you can feel good about, find your nearest OBE Organic retailer here.

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