When mighty hunger you must slake,

then nothing beats a tasty steak.

Seared nice and hot to seal in

the juice that dribbles down your chin.


The center must be pink and rare,

so when you’re cooking, take a care.

Be sure to turn it over quick,

about five minutes does the trick.


A pinch of salt, some garlic, too,

and lots of pepper; yes, it’s true!

Enjoy the rich and hearty taste,

and loose the belt about your waist.


In bacon grease or on the grill,

the scent of meat is such a thrill.

It’s hard to sit and watch and wait

while all the while you salivate.


And finally the steak is done,

and now begins the greatest fun!

A tender cutlet on your plate

will e’en the fiercest hunger sate.


Credit: Steak a Claim – a poem by The Lük – All Poetry

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