When the majority of your customers are in markets overseas, the ability to communicate easily and efficiently is a must-have component to running a successful export business.

OBE Organic is based in Australia and does a lot of its business with supermarkets, restaurants and distributors in North America, the Middle East and Asia. Not only does our team work across multiple time zones, we need to be readily available for our customers basically around the clock.

Whether it’s a quick question or a longer conference call to discuss logistics of a new order or how we’re supporting consumer marketing for a new retail partner, OBE Organic is using the latest technology to help us best serve the needs of our customers and ensure mutually sustainable and profitable relationships.

To coincide with the opening of OBE Organic’s new headquarters in the Fortitude Valley area of Brisbane, the team, its Board and its network of global partners started using virtual meeting room technology.

The software enables virtual guests to feel as though they are actually inside the OBE Organic boardroom. While the OBE team does regularly travel to meet with its customers in person, having the option for frequent, virtual face-to-face meetings is helpful.

In addition to virtual conferencing, OBE uses other technologies to enhance connectivity and ease the flow of communication and collaboration. Another favourite tool is VIA Connect Pro, a wireless collaboration and presentation solution. Using a service like VIA allows the OBE team to easily share documents, images and other files directly to various screens throughout the office, using any device – their laptop, desktop, or phone.

Investing in tools for better communication is significantly improving the way OBE conducts business and stays in touch with its customers. When a restaurant, chef, distributor or supermarket does business with OBE, it is getting an experienced team of experts who not only understand beef production and can deliver an outstanding organic beef program, but also one that is easy to communicate and collaborate with.

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