‘The woolshed is a landmark sight as you pass through the property. It has surprised me how many tourists I have met during my stay at the station while they stop for a visit to the woolshed.

Although we no longer have sheep on this property, the shed still has great value with its long history and its fame drawing many people to the area.

As well as practical storage it also holds memories of times passed. I hear many stories about the old days of station life.

I imagine the hardships and adventure from those days. To me the woolshed is something of a time capsule into the past.’

The Cordillo Downs Woolshed was built by the Beltana Pastoral Company in the 1880’s out of local stone. Records show that at its peak 85,000 head of sheep were shorn. The woolshed is an icon thanks to its simple but beautiful design. Learn more about recent restoration efforts here – https://www.facebook.com/cordillodownswoolshed/

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