“The Homestead” Pandy Station 1928

Pandie Pandie Station, most commonly known as Pandie Pandie, also often spelled as Pandi Pandi or Pandy Pandy, is a pastoral lease that operates as a certified organic cattle station in north east South Australia. My Mum took this photo in 1928.

It is situated about 26 kilometres (16 miles) south of Birdsville and 222 kilometres (138 miles) north west of Innamincka along the banks of the Diamantina River in the Channel Country of South Australia. It is also situated toward the northern end of the Birdsville Track.

My Mum took this photo in 1928.

The station was established in 1876 by Robert Frew along with other properties in the area including Annandale, Alton Downs and Planet Downs.[3] Nearby Haddon Downs station was also taken up by Frew in 1877.

Frew still owned the property in 1881 when he renamed the town of Diamantina Crossing to its present name of Birdsville after being amazed at the amount of birdlife found around the area.

By 1903 Sidney Kidman owned the property, and at this time it was completely destocked after suffering the effects of drought and the death of many cattle.

In 1938, the station was acquired by the Morton family, who held it for 70 years until 2008.

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