Images of the last droving trip taken by Mithaka women, Peggy McKellar, Alice Naish (nee Bates/ Gorringe, grandmother of Tracey Hough and a co-curator of the Kirrenderri Exhibition) and Betty Gorringe. Mithaka people have a long involvement with the Channel Country pastoral Industry. Bill Gorringe had his own droving outfit staffed by his children, (the two older women in this photo, the other was a child at the time).

Bronco branding is still part of cattle work but done more efficiently with yards and cradles. 

This picture depicts how it was done using a stockman on a heavy horse to rope the head of a beast, and another person put leg ropes on and they push and pull the beast up to the branding post. The beast is physically restrained by other stockmen while another brands and marks it.

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