Mexico is not considered a major market for Australian food and fibre … but maybe it should be.

With a large population and growing economy, it was timely that our Managing Director Dalene Wray was honoured with an invitation to speak at the 15th Global AgriFood Forum in Puebla in October.  This massive event – held by the Mexican equivalent of our National Farmers’ Federation – attracted more than 7,000 attendees to hear 25 speakers from 16 countries.

Speaking on a “Future of Food” panel, this invitation acknowledged OBE Organic’s innovative leadership and aspirations to contribute to positive change within the beef industry.

While in Mexico, Dalene drew on the skills and knowledge of local Austrade experts to meet prominent industry leaders and influencers in the Mexican agricultural industry and to help build closer relationships between Mexican and Australian agribusiness.

This included participating in a “Women in Agribusiness” seminar in Mexico City which attracted over one hundred attendees, hosted by the Australian Ambassador, David Engel.

We at OBE Organic always appreciate the effort taken by the Australian government to open market access for agricultural products, and it was a privilege to see these professionals in action in Mexico.

Trade agreements like the TPP take a huge amount of effort by government and industry – it’s up to companies like OBE Organic to ensure Australian farmers benefit from this work, and investing time in new markets like Mexico is part of this process.

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