Australia’s Channel Country, in the pure heart of the Australian Outback, is one of OBE Organic’s primary cattle production regions. It’s an exciting time as many of our cattle stations have had an unusual amount of rain in the past six months. As a result, native grasses and herbs are blooming, the landscape is a lot greener, and the cattle are loving it.

Rain is always appreciated in the Outback, but these rare rain events are especially unique – the most rain many parts of the Outback have had in a decade.

We’re celebrating Mother Nature’s gift by launching a new, seasonal range of beef, OBE Organic Reserve, for premium restaurants and retailers in our key markets, like Australia, USA, UAE and Hong Kong. Watch our new video shot by drones in the Channel Country, to announce our new product offering. Notice the channels of water turning the landscape around them green.

This new, exceptional range of Australian beef, like all OBE Organic beef, is certified organic and grass-fed. Customers interested in sourcing OBE Organic Reserve for upscale restaurants or grocery retailers should contact OBE Organic’s Brisbane-based sales team at or +61 7 3062 9600.

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