The OBE Organic team is working from home this week.

Right now, it feel like our mission of helping people live better, healthier lives has never been more important.  So, we’re doing what we can to keep people right along our supply chain safe, and to keep our farmer-owned organic beef flowing from farmers in the pure heart of Australia to consumers in family kitchens around the world.

At a team meeting last Friday to review our detailed contingency planning to ensure there is no disruption to the supply of OBE Organic beef, these were the top points we discussed.

  • We are using Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Zoom to work remotely and collaboratively
  • We have our mobiles with us constantly during work hours to respond to business queries as normal
  • We’re supporting team members who need extra IT to have everything they need to do their job at home
  • Now we’re not in the same room, we’re taking extra care communicating to each other to ensure no jobs to be done are missed
  • We’re helping each other develop good work-from-home habits
  • We’re aiming to be calm, professional and proactive
  • We’re going the extra mile to keep our communication channels open right along our supply chain
  • We need to strictly follow public health advice to protect ourselves, and to protect others, especially vulnerable members of the community
  • Where possible, we need to continue to support the economy
  • We’re going to look out for each other – we’re in this together.

What else should businesses like our be doing in these unprecedented times?

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